Do Reviews get better local rankings

consumers will trust a local business after reading just one to three reviews

Google Rankings reviews are the most important ranking signal

The name of the game for most local businesses is to encourage more positive online feedback and gain a critical mass of reviews (and ratings). For Google to start showing reviews on your business page, you'll need at least five of them; then, you should be doing all you can to grow that number (and the ratings those reviewers give you) to improve your local rankings.

Real Reviews

Internet users trust and are influenced by online reviews.

Right Time

Do not asking too early and not asking too late.

Business Reviews

Your own web app page encouraging people to review your business, You control the access.

Better Local Rankings

Improve your local ranking on Google, Also Voice Search.

Making it easy to leave a review

This will then lead to more reviews coming in, hopefully a better ranking if they’ve been satisfied with the products or service received.

local reviews on phone

Scan And Go

You can control who gets easy access to place reviews.

Most customers themselves aren’t always aware of the importance of leaving Google reviews, or even know that they can. Our system puts you in controll and makes getting real reviews from your customers easy.

The importance of Google reviews and how you can get them

As the era of the Internet has taken over the world, not many business owners are aware of the importance of being positively reviewed on the Internet, especially on platforms such as Google.

In fact, Google often represents the first point of contact between a business and a possible customer. Most people use the search engine for various purposes, including finding some of the businesses nearby, but also when planning their itineraries or looking for specific-types of businesses. Reviews are appearing instantly when searching for a certain business, which is why they are essential to attracting customers.

Regardless of this, it seems like customers themselves aren’t always aware of the importance of leaving Google reviews, or even know that they can. Based on this, many small and medium business owners are struggling to get more reviews from their customers, thus improving their popularity in the local rankings of companies.

At this moment in time, most business owners struggling to get a higher number of Google reviews attempt the strategy of verbally explaining the entire process to their clients. Ranging from how to create a Google account, to how to find the Google page, and finally posting the review for the business in question. Customers often get confused during the process, and most disregard reviews anyway.
Judging by this aspect, the best solution to get more Google reviews would be to offer clear, written instructions, which can be followed considerably easier.

Our card system with a barcode can then be handed to clients in your physical store, or even mailed to customers. Most will understand that this matters for your business, and will attempt to give you a review that why we have made it easy. The barcode which can be scanned by a mobile phone or just enter the web app address, This will take them to your review buttons for Google, Yelp, Facebook, Trustpilot, even TripAdvisor if it's relevant and a whole host of others.

Once this is done, it is highly likely that at least a couple of your customers will decide to create their very own Google account if needed and post a review on your business. This will then lead to more reviews coming in, hopefully, over time better ranking if they’ve been satisfied with the products received, and thus more customers overall, which is exactly what every business owner is currently striving for.

Do keep in mind the aspect that reviews on other platforms, such as Yelp or Facebook are also essential, especially if you have a large base of young customers, who are generally more active on social media and are also likely to have a Google, Yelp, Facebook, Trustpilot, even TripAdvisor account.

Based on everything that has been outlined so far, in the unfortunate case that you’re struggling to get a stronger reach on search engines such as Google, you’ll need reviews. Now, you can easily instruct customers about the process, without all the confusion that you had to go through until now.

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s very simple. Once you have integrated the Do Review™, short link or one click lets you collect reviews without any further effort.

Mobile Reviews
If you have a decent amount of traffic on your site, another excellent idea is to set up a Do Review where customers can leave Google reviews with one simple click.
It's very important that you respond to any unhappy customers as quick as you can; not just for SEO, but for your business in customer service.
There are more than a few ways to do that: you can hand out leaflets, feed back cards with a short Do Review link.
It’s also interesting to note that has Google confirmed that customer reviews and ratings are factored into local search ranking.
Local reviews have a direct impact on local search rankings, so you’ll want to spend some time acquiring them, Google, Facebook Business, Yell, Best of etc. claim your business on Apple Maps URL and log in with your Apple ID and password.